About Citec

CITEC INTERNATIONAL was established in year 1996. As one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing Precision Air Conditioning system, CITEC always places great emphasis on achieving the highest standards and incorporates stringent quality controls throughout its operations. Every CITEC product is designed and built within a Quality Management System ISO9001 and Environmental Management System ISO14001.

To date, CITEC has established wide distributorship throughout Asia Pacific. This distributor partner network serves to provide excellent product support and longterm services to CITEC clients across various industries.

air conditioning system certification
Quality Certificates and ISO Certificates of Citec Air Conditioning System

Why Citec?

Advanced Engineering Design Tools and Facilities

Every CITEC product is designed and built using our unrivalled experience in Precision Air Conditioning, with extensive testing of components and complete systems. Every aspect is engineered to ensure maximum reliability, economy of operation and long working life, together with ease of installation and maintenance.

CITEC products are designed with sophisticated 3D CAD system with each design detail carefully considered. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis will be conducted to ensure the airflow inside the unit is optimized and free from any negative effects. And thus best performance and highest efficiency can be assured with our products.

Each CITEC product undergo extensive and stringent test for performance, reliability and safety verification in our state of arts Testing Laboratories in China. The testing facilities are built in accordance to ASHRAE Standard and China GB Standard and are accredited by national authorities as full compliance facilities. The well-equipped computerized facilities can conduct capacity test up to 160kW and airflow test up to 36000CMH. Thus with CITEC product, the performance and reliability are guaranteed.

Power Parameters (S) Pte Ltd

Exclusive Distributor of Citec Precision Air Conditioning Systems

Power Parameters (S) Pte Ltd was established with a Mission to Continuously Provide Innovative and Advanced Systems, Solutions and Support for All Mission Critical Facilities to Ensure Our Customer's Total Satisfaction!

Founded by a consortium of experienced specialists in the Computer Room Facilities business to cater specifically for this industry in Singapore: the need for a complete support facilities specially for Computer Centre from a single source.

We are proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of Citec Precision Air Conditioning Systems for the Singapore market. Our Citec products capacities ranges from 15 to 150kW and may be either Direct Expansion or Chilled Water models. The Direct Expansion models can be water cooled or air cooled versions Dual coil systems comprising of Chilled Water and Direct Expansion are also available.

With an experienced and committed team in Power Parameters Singapore, we are confident of our ability to continue to serve our customers well into the future.

Citec G-Volution

Citec G-Volution

Introducing G-VOLUTION, the latest precision air conditioning system engineered to run seamlessly in critical environments by delivering constant, efficient and intelligent cooling circulation consistently for 24 hours, 7 days a week. G-VOLUTION can adapt to fluctuating heat loads while consuming low energy resources.

Although the opportunity cost of high energy consumption can dramatically impact our bottom line, our motivation behind creating precision air conditioning technology is based on high performing, energy saving technology while reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

The G-VOLUTION is designed for areas with limited space as well as large data centers with intricate hardware networks and is customizable to fit every client's need and specifications.

With an experienced and committed team in Power Parameters Singapore, we are confident of our ability to continue to serve our customers well into the future.

Citec Air Cooled Condenser

Citec Air Cooled Condenser

The CITEC High Performance Air Cooled Condenser (HEC) is built for outdoor operations where space is a concern and at the same time required high heat rejection. It is quiet, reliable, corrosion-resistant and equipped with direct-drive propeller fans and copper tube aluminum fin coils.

Same model can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical airflow configuration allowing for flexibility when allocating space during the design stage & during installation. Simple electrical connection to isolator and refrigerant piping connection is all that's needed.

All HEC units operate at smooth, quiet sound levels with minimal noise generation. HEC operates under severe weather conditions and the materials used are designed to withstand outdoor operations. Minimal maintenance work is required.

The HEC is designed to adapt to various site conditions and design requirements. Do contact us for more customization options including the installation of energy efficient EC fans, liquid receivers and fan speed controllers.

Citec CNR

Citec CNR

The CITEC CNR units are developed specially for high heat density cooling application. They are designed to be located close to the heat source for effective heat removal. The units are available for both Direct Expansion and Chillled Water systems and can be an alternative or complement to CITEC room cooling units as complete cooling solution for high heat density data center.

- Provides extra cooling where needed
- DC Inverter technology for Direct Expansion system
- Airflow modulation to adapt to actual thermal load
- Compatible with most racks SCALABILITY
- CITEC In-Row is suitable for 42U and 48U racks
- Units can adapt to the thermal load of the server
- Modular design; easy to upgrade as data center capacity grows

Citec Assist Flow

Citec G-Volution

The CITEC Assist Flow (CAF) is designed to improve airflow in data centers. As the heat density of server racks in modern data centers continue to grow, the application of standard Precision Air Conditioning units alone have become insufficient to cater to this need.

When used in conjunction with standard Precision Air Conditioning equipment, CAF offers a revolutionary solution for high density heat load in data centers. CAF adjusts the airflow according to the required heat load while simultaneously providing energy savings whenever lower airflow is required during periods of low heat load.

CAF shall be placed in front of server rack. Cold air supplied from Precision Air Conditioning unit can be channeled to the heat load source through CAF. Airflow is automatically adjusted by a microprocessor controller to ensure there is just enough cold air supplied to server racks. This is done by having a temperature sensor placed at the upper level of the entrance of server rack.

Citec Accessories

Citec G-Volution

The Genius 5+ Controller is loaded with our in-house program featuring special control algorithm dedicated for precision air conditioning use.
- Pin to pin compatible with Genius 3
- 2 sizes: Medium and Small
- Optional USB port for download log file and uploading program with USB key
- USB Host and client with USB connection with PC
- Built in RS485, can use for Modbus or Carelbus
- Store up to 100 alarm events

Citec Remote Monitoring System

Citec G-Volution

Several remote monitoring, control and supervisory systems are available as add-ons to the controller to enable user to access data and make settings changes to the units without having to be physically present in front of the unit.
- Webgate
- G-Visor (Group Control)
- pCOWeb Card
- pCOnet Card
- LonWorks Card